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When All She Wants is Your Jizz

The other girls I had dated accepted that cum came with the territory of sex, but they didn’t enjoy it. In fact, they seemed somewhat put off by it. One girl insisted on condoms even though she was on the pill because she didn’t want to have to deal with my “mess” as she put it.

Then I met Stacy. Stacy was nothing like that. The first time we had sex, she got on top to ride me and right before I blew my load, she dismounted. Before I could protest, she had my cock in her mouth and was working it hungrily until I shot off and she gulped it all down. I was shocked and totally into it.

Every time we had sex, she needed to see my cum. Her favorite thing was watching me ejaculate. She wanted me to cum into her mouth, on her tits, on her stomach, but never directly on her face. She recorded me masturbating and even bought a transparent sleeve she used to give me handjobs.

Sadly, she was an unfaithful tramp and I eventually dumped her because of it, but I miss the way she worshiped my jizz.

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