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How to Avoid Sex Doll Scams

This guide will help you avoid getting scammed when buying a TPE sex doll online and show you how to find a merchant you can trust.

The first type of scam you can fall into when buying sex dolls online: accidentally buying a fake TPE sex doll.

When you purchase a very good looking huge butt sex doll, until you find out that it arrives, the product you receive does not match the product advertised at all. Unscrupulous sellers will use any trick they can think of to get your money, and these sellers will exaggerate the quality of their dolls as much as possible just to get you to pay. They may also give you a doll that is made of shoddy materials.

A real doll will be crafted to every detail and perfectly put together, just like a premium TPE sex doll.

Another common scam is that when you buying a young tan skin TPE sex doll and pay for it, the merchant does not ship it. Some people transfer money to the bank account given by the merchant, but the money is completely ignored once it arrives. The seller can post pictures and then offer you incredible prices, or buy one get one free offers. A real merchant will never offer a buy one get one free doll. Because high quality dolls are usually professionally made, the price is unlikely to be very cheap, even under 1000usd sex doll will cost a minimum of $699.

These scams are really simple, refuse to buy super low priced sex dolls, ask for doll material samples before buying, usually responsible and regular sellers will provide doll material samples, such as uxdoll.com. check the reputation of the merchant before buying and make sure your payment is safe.