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Watch full facial porn movies

I really thought I would be spending the bulk of my day searching for full Reality Kings episodes to watch online. Honestly, that’s what usually happens. I get so excited at the thought of having so many different full videos to watch but the bulk of my time is spent finding them.

That wasn’t going to be the case today at least not with PornFaze on my side. I wasn’t going to have to spend much time at all looking for anything, not when they had the complete xxx collection. This felt so freaking good and I wasn’t even jerking off, but I would soon be doing the deed.

I even had this collection of full facial porn movies at the ready and to be honest they were really tempting me. I wanted to see her first cum shot and I was hoping that I would be there to share that special moment. I’ll be as ready as I can be but she’s going to need to do most of the work because my hands are going to be so darn busy with myself.