Real cum sluts auditioning for the majors

Real Blowjob Auditions 1

Like any other typical cum slut this little whore moves to California with dreams of making it in Hollywood. Turns out they already have a redhead named Nicole Kidman and they didn’t need another one. So she got in a car with some guy who was cruising the studios looking for leftovers and they headed on out to the San Fernando Valley.

Once there she was propositioned for sex. Not just any sex. This producer wanted her to give him a “porn star blowjob” and if she did it well enough, he’d put her in his next movie. She figured, what the hell and looked forward to making a couple hundred bucks.

Little did she know that this producer was the leading blowjob porn producer in the world. After delivering her a massive cum shot he called around and got her starring roles and lots of bit parts on so many movies she was never going to be able to go home!

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